Pilate's Wife, a Novel by Antoinette May

Pilate's Wife has been purchased by publishers in seventeen different countries.
To date, the following translations have been released.

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Book Shelf, South Wales (UK version) March 29, 2008
**Claudia, Daughter of Rome By Antoinette May -- pub: Orion.

"...This epic tale of opulence, overindulgence and cruelty sweeps across the battlefields of Gaul to the coliseums of Rome and Jerusalem. Not everything in Rome was run by men! Catherine Cook, Bookshelf, South Wales Argus.

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Library Journal (Starred Review) October 15, 2006
**Pilate's Wife: A Novel of the Roman Empire. By Antoinette May -- pub: Morrow.

"...May's fiction debut is a fresh and vivid retelling of a well-known story comparable in scope to Anita Diamant's The Red Tent and Elizabeth Cunningham's The Passion of Mary Magdalene." Jane Henriksen Baird, Anchorage Municipal Libs.

USA Today November 9, 2006
'Pilate's Wife': The birth of Christianity, with a feminist twist - by Antoinette May

"Like Anita Diamant's Old testament blockbuster The Red Tent, Pilate's Wife makes the female experience of past millennia exotic yet universal."
- by Deidre Donahue, USA Today         Read the Full USA Today review

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Pilate's Wife

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Latest novel Pilate's Wife
Excerpt from the prologue:
¨First, let it be said that I did not attend his crucifixion. If you're seeking an insight into that tragic affair, you won't hear it from me¨.

¨Much has been made in recent years of my attempt to stop it, my plea to Pilate telling him of my dream....¨

Pilate's Wife is being published in 16 countries in addition to the United States.

Orion Publishing is the UK publisher for Pilate's Wife.
They have changed the title to: Claudia, Daughter of Rome, and are using the cover to the left.

See a review from the UK.

To date, the following translations have been released.>

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